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Rescue a new Snuggle Buddy!

The Humane Society of South Platte Valley is just across the river from Platte 56.  Rescue a new friend to go with your new townhome!  Platte 56!  Where the adventure

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday! You’ve Earned It!

Witnessing History at Platte 56

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Some future Platte 56 residents witnessed the historic solar eclipse on the deck at 5000 S Prince St.  #TheAdventureBeginsAtHome #Platte56                

Don’t Miss the Boat!

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Fill out our contact page on the website to make sure you have an opportunity to purchase one of the fabulous new Platte 56 townhouses!


Spend more time on the water and less time getting there. The South Platte River is just outside your door. Platte 56~ Where The Adventure Begins!  Releasing Phase 2 Soon.

Join Your Neighbors For National Night Out.

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Are You Hungry?

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The VIEWHOUSE LITTLETON recently opened. This newest addition pushes the restaurant count within 1 mile of Platte 56 up to 40!  I’ve only included their breakfast menu but the rest

Stop by Lamar’s Donuts, less than a 1/2 mile away from Platte 56, on your way to the office.

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You’re sure to be the employee of the month!

Weekend Fun!

  25.07.2017   platte56   News   No comments Platte 56 is located in  Arapahoe County. Don’t miss out on this fun event!

Tell Me Why Platte 56 Is The Best Place To Buy A New Home!

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